Author: Sean Oakley

New York Home

I moved to New York in the beginning of March, a little under two months ago. I’d been thinking of New York for months, it seemed so far off…but looking back now I’m amazed how quickly everything happened. In some ways it already feels like home. I’ve settled into my commute: 6 train up to…
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The Cord-Cutter Opportunity

The trend towards households replacing cable with streaming service is speeding up, at an even faster pace then previously thought according to this eMarketer report. By the end of 2017, 1 in 5 US adults will be non-pay TV viewers (cord-cutters + cord-nevers). Further, US adults spent 3.1% less time in front of a TV (3…
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Dissecting Programmatic – Part 1

The programmatic ad space is a maze littered with acronyms, technologies and definitions. It’s easy to get intimidated, and overwhelmed. But whenever I find myself lost deep in the maze, I find it always helpful to step back and remember what exactly, from a broad perspective, we’re trying to do in programmatic…that helps me re-center…
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